Using Prednisone Tablets to Treat Asthma

Asthma can be identified as a common chronic inflammatory disease which causes bronchospasm with reversible airflow obstruction of the airways.  This condition is normally characterized by coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, and tightness in the chest.  Treatment for asthma is normally the use of bronchodilators.  However, steroids and anti-inflammatory medications like prednisone tablets can also be used for the treatment of asthma along with other lung diseases.

The reason why prednisone tablets can be used in treating asthma is that prednisone tablets have the capacity to calm the inflammation of the airway caused by asthma.  If you’ve ever had serious asthma attacks that cause you to be hospitalized, it is likely that you were given prednisone IV in the hospital back then to help calm your inflammation.

Prednisone tablets are basically oral steroidal medications.  If you are having serious issues of asthma, it is likely that your doctor may prescribe you with oral doses of prednisone tablets.  Prednisone tablets are normally given when your condition of asthma is worsening but does not necessarily require you to be hospitalized.  Prednisone tablets are actually effective in treating asthma because upon taking the drug orally, the active ingredients within the drug go immediately to the bloodstream.

While prednisone tablets are not as immediately effective as inhaled steroids like bronchodilators wherein the medication immediately go straight into the lungs, prednisone tablets are still nevertheless effective.  What makes prednisone tablets useful in treating asthma though is that they allow you to have better control over asthma.  They are the medications that can help you with sudden or severe asthma attacks and they can help you treat long term as well as difficult to control asthma issues.

In order to treat asthma using prednisone tablets, you may require several high doses of the drug that will be taken in for a few numbers of days.  This application of prednisone tablets is called steroid burst.  This steroid burst is not limited to just high doses as it can also be given under low dose on a daily or alternating day basis for the long term control over asthma.  There are also short courses of oral steroids such as 2-week course using prednisone tablets identified as short burst.  This short burst use of prednisone tablets is actually quite safe as it prevents long-term use of steroids which has the capacity to create potentially serious and adverse side effects.

Both the short-term use and long-term use of steroids has side effects.  It is important to calculate whether the risk of using prednisone tablets will compensate for the treatment you are getting for asthma.  This is why it is necessary to know what possible side effects may happen when taking such steroidal medication.  The side effects involved when using steroids on short-term basis are elevated blood pressure, fluid retention, high blood sugar, and weight gain.  On the long-term usage of steroids, the side effects are diabetes, growth suppression, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, and cataracts.  Often times, while the risks of such side effects may seem too great, if it however helps in relieving threats of serious asthma attacks, then the risk may seem all worth it.